Welcome to my Frost Family History pages

Emily Frost (1864 - 1903)

I have been collecting and collating information about my family history since 1999, and I thought it about time that I put something on the internet. My main interest has always been the direct Frost family lineage, but I have been known to get side tracked with a maternal line once every so often.

My Great Grandfather Edward Frost, moved to Doncaster in the early 20th Century when Brodsworth Colliery first opened, previous to that my Frost family had lived in Wakefield and the surrounding Townships (Crigglestone, Outwood, etc.) for at least 200 years.

On the website you will find various forms that most genealogists will be familiar with including: Family Group Sheets and my Birth Brief, and also individual records and relevant census transcripts.Please let me know if you find a link.